13 - 18 MAY 2024

November 13 2023 to December 31 2023


January 1 2024 to March 31 2024


After January 1 2024, if all the spots are not taken, we will allow all male or all female teams to register for the race.
Until then, we will only except mixed teams.


To help you prepare for registration, here are the information you will be asked for in the registration form:

• Team Name 
• Team Country 
• Phone Number that you will use for WhatsApp communication. 
• Team Email 
• Racing experience 
• Will the team use our transfer from Zagreb Airport on the 11 May? 
• Will the team use our transfer to Zagreb Airport on the 19 May?
• How many PFD’s do you need from us? 
• How many paddles do you need from us? 

• Name 
• Country 
• Gender
• Date of birth
• Phone number
• Email
• T shirt size
• Diet


Accommodation package includes:

  • bungalow for 4 persons from 11 May to 13 May
  • bungalow for 4 persons from 17 May to 19 May
  • dinner on 11, 12, 17 & 18 May
  • breakfast on 12, 13, 18 & 19May

You can also come a few days early & stay a few days longer and use special ARC prices for accommodation.
We can provide the same discounted price of accommodation for teams and their family or friends in the period from 13th of May until 26th of May.
You can arrange it with the Resort when you will be booking your accommodation.


The registration will open at 16:00 CET (Central European Summer Time or GMT +2) on November 13 2023.
We chose 16:00 CEST because we get teams from all around the world and we figured that 16:00 works for everyone (Los Angeles 7:00; Sydney 0:00)
We will close the registration on March 31 2024 or once we fill out all the spots. Follow the steps below for registering your team:

  1. Register your team using our online registration form. Number of teams is limited to 30. We may consider adding more teams later.
  2. Once you get a confirmation email that your team is registered, you will have 3 days to make a payment of 500 € to secure your spot. This deposit is non refundable but you can sell it to another team if you find a team that will take your spot. 
    You can also make a full payment – 3500 € –  if it suits you better.
  3. The second installment of 1000 € is to be paid  between January 15 and January 31 2024
  4. Accommodation (around 700 € per team) must be paid to Baška Beach Camping Resort directly not later than 15 April 2024
  5. The last installment of  2000 € is to be paid between May 1 and May 6 2024
  • A team can get full refund (minus the 500 € deposit and transaction fees) until 28 February 2024 if they cannot attend
  • A team can get 50% refund from 1 March until 1 April 2024 if they cannot attend
  • If the team will not be able to participate in ARC 2024, they can sell their spot to a different team but not later than April 1. ARC organization can help in connecting teams that wish to sell their spot with teams that want to buy a spot for ARC 2024 but will not be a part of the transaction.
  • We cannot offer teams who have paid the starting fee but cannot attend ARC 2024  a spot for ARC 2025 because we do not know if ARC will happen in 2025. We plan to run the event in 2025 but the times are unpredictable and we cannot plan that far ahead.
  • If the race is cancelled due to acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, or other reasons, the organizers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all the teams. 





The host resort will be Baška Beach Camping Resort in Tar. Prepare to be spoiled!
Accommodation is not included in the entry fee, but it is a part of the starting package. You will pay the accommodation directly to the Baška Beach Camping Resort.
Accommodation (around 700 € per team) must be paid to Baška Beach Camping Resort directly not later than 15 April 2024.
If the team withdraws from the race early they will have to cover any additional cost for the accommodation.


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