ARC 2019

Additional registration for ARC 2021

Since the ARC 2020 was postponed to 2021 we already have 40 teams signed up for the ARC 2021.
The registration for ARC 2021 is closed but we will open them again in the early 2021 if the situation with COVID 19 will be at least under control if not resolved.
We will be able to take 10-20 new teams so send us an email if you want to be on the waiting list.

After signing up the team will have 72 hours to secure their spot by paying the deposit of 200 € or the full starting fee.
The registration is complete once the team pays the deposit or the full starting fee and only then will the team appear on the team list.
The deposit is 200 € and it is nonrefundable. We do not want people registering if they are not fully committed to race at ARC 2021.
After securing their spot team will have 30 days to pay the rest of the starting fee.

Click the button below to find more information about starting fees and what is included.

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