ARC 2019

Registration re-opening February 1

Due to the COVID-19 and the fact that we had to postpone ARC 2020 to 2021, we decided on some guidelines for the teams. The situation with the pandemic is pretty stable in Croatia at this moment but we are all painfully aware that things could change at any moment. There are a lot of uncertainties ahead of us, but we have to try to make the best of it.

There are 40 teams already registered for ARC 2021. On February 1 2021, we will re-open the registration and we will accept 10 new teams for ARC 2021. Many teams are on the waiting list, but some of them have been there for months and we do not know if they are still interested in participating in ARC 2021. That means that all the new teams interested in ARC 2021 participation will have to register.

The registration will open at 9:00 CET (Central European Time) on February 1 and close once we fill out all the spots.
Teams will have 72 hours to pay a deposit of € 200 to secure their spot and that amount is not refundable.
The full amount of the starting fee must be paid by March 15.
If the teams will not be able to participate in ARC 2021, they will have the possibility to transfer their starting fee to ARC 2022 or to sell their spot to a different team by April 15, but only if their cancellation is caused by COVID 19 (travel restrictions, health issues, illness or death of a close family member). ARC organization can help in connecting teams that wish to sell their spot with teams that want to buy a spot for ARC 2021 but will not be a part of the transaction.

Teams can also ask for a starting fee refund but it will be reduced by € 600 (€ 200 non refundable deposit and € 400 for additional costs). However, if they apply for ARC 2022, they will get € 400 discount on the full price. The final date to ask for a refund is April 15.

Teams that registered for ARC 2020 and paid the starting fee had the option to transfer their starting fee to ARC 2021 or sell their spot to another team. ARC organization helped with connecting the teams that were selling their spot with teams that wanted to buy a spot for ARC 2021, but was not a part of the transaction.

We hope this year will be much better for all of us and that our lives will get back to normal soon.

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